About "Bin Mansour Plastics Factory"

Our factory was established in 1996 after studying the market and finding out that the future of everyday life will be based mostly on plastic products.

We have huge investments that rely on modern methods and machines, speed of production and supply, rapid response to market demands and customers and the production of durable high quality products.

Our skilled staff members are working hard to satisfy the demands of our clients and be punctual with our contractual obligations.

At first we have started our production to satisfy the local market, but since 2000 we have started exporting our products to other G.C.C countries (Kuwait, Oman.. etc).

Our factory produces plastic products in many HDPE system directions: Irrigation of all sizes, and PPR pipes fitting for cold and hot water. Also, we are producing UPVC pipes from 16mm to 630mm both solvent welded type, as well as rubber socket type. Our production ranges pipes between 6, 10, & 16-bar pressure, which are manufactured according to the International standards (Din 8062and ISO 161/1) to meet the market requirements

We have already supplied our above products to various Governmental Organizations, through their respective purchasing departments, (Abu Dhabi Municipality, Ministry of Agriculture, Private Department..) We have as well supplied our products to the contractors through the local market, after obtaining the approvals from the above mentioned Organizations.

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Services Overview

Our services are to support our clients by giving them the right selection of all our products, where we can end up with a solution to send each and every drop of water to its destination.All the factories that follow best qualities and services, have a good margin in the market and try to have the best plastic manufactures in the world.

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Address: Bin Mansour Plastics Factory LLC,
 P.O.BOX: 8589 
 Abu Dhabi, UAE. 

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